Micro Link Extensions

Micro Link Extensions

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Micro-link hair extensions, also known as micro-bead extensions, are an incredibly popular system in El Paso, Texas. Most clients like to wear their hair up during the hot summers and this system has that ability. This method involves attaching individual hair extensions called I-Tip Hair.  Copper cylinders called micro-links are threaded onto sections of your natural hair.

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Our Process

Bellezza Hair Salon Micro-Link Extension Process:

All clients receive a free consultation with one of our hair extension specialists. We’ll discuss your desired hair length, color, and texture, as well as the overall look you want to achieve.

Based on your consultation, the specialist will recommend the appropriate amount of hair extensions. Our average client needs between 100 and 120 strands (I-tip extensions). All hair extensions are sourced ethically and only the highest-grade Eastern European textured hair is selected.

Once you’re ready for the application, your natural hair will be divided into small sections. Rows start low and we work our way up to the sides and crown.

Our hair extension specialist will take a small amount of natural hair and thread it through a micro-link. Then, they will carefully slide the i-tip portion of the extension into the micro-link cylinder.

After the extension and natural hair are inside the micro-link the a special pliers is used to flatten the cylinder.  This creates a secure attachment without the need for heat, glue, or other adhesives.

The process is repeated for each section until all the desired extensions are attached. The specialist will strategically place the extensions to ensure a seamless blend with your natural hair. 

The extension hair will be trimmed to blend the extensions with your natural hair. The stylist will then style your hair as desired.

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Advantages of Micro-Link Hair Extensions

  • No need for heat or adhesives: Micro-link extensions don’t require the use of heat or adhesives, making them a relatively low-damage option compared to other methods.  

  • Reusability: With proper care and maintenance, micro-link extensions can be reused for multiple applications, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run.

  • Natural movement: Since the extensions are attached near the roots and the individual strands are free to move, micro-link extensions offer a more natural look and feel.

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Hair extensions procedure. Hairdresser does hair extensions to young girl, blonde in a beauty salon